Lightweight, modern cookware.

This pot isn’t what you expect: It may look like cast iron, but it’s actually aluminum-cored with a nonstick coating (that means it’s surprisingly lightweight and therefore easy to lug from fridge to stove, even when it’s full of soup). The modern, cylindrical shape—a design by the architect Matteo Thun—isn’t just super sleek: it’s made to be the perfect pot for boiling water (and therefore whipping up stew, pasta, or prepping for a full-blown chili night). Use it on any cooktop, including induction surfaces; you can even slide it into the oven (up to 356° F with the lid, and 482° F without the lid). You’ll quickly wonder how you ever lived without it.

Want to cook the photo? Find the recipe for timpano, a gravity-defying, layered, and baked pasta here.

For use on all cooktops, including induction.