Don’t let your knife be a dullard.

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Bob Kramer, one of the leading knife authorities in the world, is also an expert on knife sharpening. He knows how important a sharp knife is in the kitchen: not only for efficiency and ease, but also safety! His Knife Sharpening Set will keep your knives in pristine condition for many meals to come. A bamboo sink bridge will provide you with the workspace to get to sharpening, and the included stones will take you from repairing to sharpening and finally finishing your blade. Bob himself will walk you through the process step-by-step in the instructional DVD.

Included with the set is:

  • Sharpening Stone #400 grit for repairing or changing the edge
  • Sharpening Stone #1000 grit for fine sharpening
  • Sharpening Stone #5000 grit for extra fine finishing and polishing
  • Adjustable Bamboo Whetstone Sink Bridge
  • Cleaning Stone for polishing water stones
  • A Bob Kramer Instructional DVD that will guide you through the knife sharpening process

Set is not for use on ceramic knives.