Heritage and hand-forged.

Messermeister has been making knives in the German tradition for over 30 years, and remains one of the only companies to finish their blades using the ages-old hot-drop, hand-hammered technique. Each knife is high-quality, heritage, and handmade.

One touch of these smooth Italian olive wood handles, and you won’t want to put them down. With an ergonomic and supremely comfortable grip, your least favorite kitchen tasks (chopping herbs? slicing onions?) become a joy. Each knife is handcrafted one at a time, using the hot-drop technique (think medieval blacksmith pulling a blade out of a fire and then hammering it to a razor-thin edge). The heirloom quality knives are made from German steel alloy and are the product of Messermeister’s study and respect of the craft of cutlery.

Magnetic knife block sold separately. Messermeister knives are hand sharpened and pull through sharpeners are not recommended.