Tonight's dinner, thisaway.

15 years ago, Diana Henry (whose A Bird In The Hand was a 2016 Piglet quarterfinalist!) wrote Cook Simple, an ode to the "one-handed" and "minimal thinking" cooking that she relied on after her first child was born. Simple is its follow-up, revamped to reflect the last ten years of our changing food culture. You'll find more vegetables, more grains, and ingredients with which we've become more acquainted in recent years (who knew we'd be regularly cooking with miso!).

Henry takes the jar of paprika at the back of our spice cabinet and that half finished tub of greek yogurt in our fridge and turns out something inventive, but never unapproachable. No one-hit blunders here—these are recipes that will immediately go into your rotation. Heavy cream bathes eggplants in a crispy roast, chicken dances with brown sugar and sesame for a Korean take, and dessert appears seemingly out of thin air when melons are transformed into an icy granita. Henry even hat tips yours truly with her "Food52 Team Salad", a confetti of thinly shaved kohlrabi, beets, and apples we served to her when she visited our offices. Thanks, Diana!

Simple is a 2017 Piglet finalist! See how it does here.

  • Length: 320 pages
  • Author: Diana Henry