Presto, extra stove space!

This portable little wonder is hot to trot every time you wish you had an extra burner or two on the stove (like, say, in the middle of cooking dinner for 20). We rely on (and seriously love) induction cooktops because they work with our favorite stainless steel, cast iron, or carbon steel pans by generating concentrated heat via electromagnetic radiation. The cooktop only heats up what’s in your pot or pan, which not only makes it more efficient than gas or electric, it also cooks food super evenly, since the whole bottom of the pot is coming into contact with the cooktop.


  • High quality glass-ceramic surface
  • Sensor touch panel and an easy to read display
  • 12 power levels and adjustable temperature from 140° to 430° F
  • Built-in timer up to 180 minutes with automatic shut-off
  • 1800 watts of power (for the double burner, 1800 watts total between the 2 burners)

If there was ever a time to plan a dinner party, it's now!