A pickler’s best friend.

These glazed ceramic crocks are so stunning, we’d buy one just to display on the counter. But lucky for us (and our guts), they’re also the perfect vessels for making all kinds of fermented foods, from pickled vegetables to kimchi to ’kraut. What makes these crocks so special is a waterlock seal that allows the vegetables inside to stay completely oxygen-free, the gold standard of fermentation. As your veggies begin to ferment and create carbon dioxide, they push oxygen out through the seal to maintain an oxygen-free ferment for the best results. The set of included porcelain weights ensure your newly fermented friends stay safely submerged underwater during the fermentation process. The small, 2-quart size that’s perfect for tiny-apartment dwellers, newbies, and casual experimenters alike.

These Fermentation Jars are made to order and will take about 10 business days to ship