Let’s spoon.

In addition to the fork and knife, a spoon is one of the most basic utensils out there. Are there really that many ways to improve up on it? Yes—especially when the spoon is redesigned by GIR, that brand that really does “Get It Right” in the kitchen. All three of these silicone spoons are heat resistant up to 550°F, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and practically indestructible, and all have been designed with real cooks in mind—so they’re functional in ways home cooks actually need kitchen tools to be. The mini spoon is just the right size for getting those last bits out of jam jars, the ultimate spoon is the one we turn to for stirring and serving sauces and stews, and the perforated spoon is patterned with holes that allow for precise straining and skimming—in addition to all the lovable features of the regular spoon. You’ll never look at this basic utensil the same way again.