Dansk Niklas Airtight Containers

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Dansk Niklas Airtight Containers
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1.0 Star
pretty looking but too fragile
glass too thin, breaks upon a gentle setting on the counter ....................................................................
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Submitted on: 3/15/2019 Reviewed by: Jessica H. Option: Medium
1.0 Star
too thin too delicate too hard to open
very disappointed in these jars. hard to close, hard to open. glass too thin. I would return this. I bought them to put nuts in one and raisins in another for my guests to have for a nibble or snack. the top has a rubber around it so that it is hard to push in without holding the glass jar. Then!! opening it is a real problem. you have to hold the jar while pulling at the top. the glass is thin...it will break after trying to open that top once too many times. definitely not a useful piece nor good for snacks or nibbles.
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Submitted on: 2/7/2019 Reviewed by: zeldie Option: Small
5.0 Stars
So light & airy. Good quality
Very nice quality. The glass is sooo much thinner than I was expecting. I've been pretty gentle with it, for fear of breaking. But, that does keep it from being too heavy. Hopefully it's not as fragile as it feels, because it is beautiful enough to keep out on the counter.
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Submitted on: 4/30/2018 Reviewed by: Megan Option: Medium

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