Happy up your happy hour.

A good shrub is a balance of tart, sweet, and complex fruity flavors—and they make your drink cart more fun. Whether you’re blending summer sodas or evening cocktails, mix it up with this artisanal shrub collection, which includes:

  • Spicy Ginger Shrub: A bold and pure shrub made from fresh-pressed, non-GMO ginger. Try it in a Moscow Mule or a gingery lemonade.
  • Organic Blood Orange Shrub: Made from California-grown organic blood oranges, this shrub has a tart bite with a slightly-sweet finish. An excellent ingredient for sours, like the pisco sour.
  • Organic Red Grapefruit Shrub: Made with organic Texas Ruby Reds with a hint of the pith for complexity. Try it with a paloma.
  • Organic Yucatan Honey Shrub: Crafted with certified organic honey from Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Use in cocktails that call for honey, like this whisky punch.
  • Peach Shrub: Made with California-grown non-GMO peaches with a touch of lemon. It’s like summer in a glass (we suggest bellinis).
  • Organic Strawberry Shrub: This jammy, sweet shrub is made from California-grown organic strawberries and pairs well with vermouth and liqueurs in low-proof drinks, or house-made sodas.
  • Apple Shrub: Non-GMO Newtown Pippins, an heirloom variety best known for ciders, go into this versatile shrub. It plays nicely with sherry and cognac (but gets along real well with all kinds of drinks).