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Unpaper Kitchen Cloths (Set of 18)

3.0 Stars / 6 Reviews

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Unpaper Kitchen Cloths (Set of 18)
3.0 Stars / 6 Reviews

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5.0 Stars
Love them so much, that I am going to get the larger ones as well. Perfect for mopping up around the sink and counters just like a half sheet of paper towel. But so much better. Thx for making them. I am now removing the last paper product from my kitchen.
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Submitted on: 7/23/2019 Reviewed by: Holly M. Option:
3.0 Stars
Too small...
Really trying not to use so many paper towels...was looking forward to these...but they’re a little too small...
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Submitted on: 6/14/2019 Reviewed by: Kathy Option:
1.0 Star
Nigh on useless for us.
Not at all what we expected. Does not replace paper towels. Not handy for wiping up spills -- non-absorbent. OK for wiping up oily spots and food detritus on counters and cutting boards. We end up using these as thin pot holders and coasters for in-use kitchen tools (spoons and spatulas next to the stovetop) more than as wipes.
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Submitted on: 4/14/2019 Reviewed by: Stuart P. Option:

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