Tip-top chopper.

Get salsas, mignonettes, and nut toppings ready in a jiffy with this chopper that lets you go to town on all kinds of ingredients without a single volt of electricity. The all-natural glass jug holds up to 5 cups and uses a patented chopping system powered by a ring you pull at the top. Opt for just the blade attachment for all your veggie dicing needs, or grab the version with the extra attachments so nuts can join in on the fun. It’s ridiculously simple and surprisingly powerful (Josh, the head of our test kitchen, loves it too!). So go on, whip up this grilled tomatillo and pineapple salsa—it’ll be ready before you know it.

Choose between:
* Veggie Chop Pro, which includes a 5-Cup measuring cup and a vegetable chopper attachment
* Veggie Chop Pro with Attachments, which includes a 5-Cup measuring cup, a vegetable chopper, a nut chopper, and a whipping attachment.