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Veggie Chop Pro
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1.0 Star
Waste of Money
First off, this is a manual food processor. My mini Cuisinart costs $39. Enough said. Tried to chop pecans with both the nut attachment as well as in the main bowl. The pull cord kept jamming up. At first I thought I had too many pecans in either area. Removed and only left about 6-10 and still the same problem. Never mind the few pieces it did chop were chunky. Looks like a great idea but it is a lot of money for something that does not work.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 8/21/2019 Reviewed by: leslie Option: Veggie Chop Pro with Whipping & Nut Chopper Attachment
3.0 Stars
Cutting edge surprise
Wow. So, because I have ordered a number of Food 52 products and been supremely happy with them, this one nearly removed my husbands finger tip. The box with the blade is separate form the main vessel. There is no warning on the box about how the blade is laid inside the box. When my husband saw me struggling to remove the blade (I couldn't tell from the packaging which was black as is the blade) where not to put my hands. Because what ever was in the box was difficult to remove, my husband took over. Within seconds I hear my husband screaming. He's a veteran and highly trained. He never screams not even with kidney stones within another story. He is bleeding profusely. The blade is actually a black stem with multiple titanium blades that are sharper on different sides (too crush the walnuts, I suspect) and impossible to detect under the white perforated lid that covers only the edges of what's inside the box. You literally can not tell what's in the black hole without putting your hand into it. It is nothing less than negligence to place a black blade on a black handle into black packaging material without warning the consumer before opening the box.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 8/10/2019 Reviewed by: Jamilia Option: Veggie Chop Pro with Whipping & Nut Chopper Attachment
2.0 Stars
Thought quality would be better. Disappointed. Glass piece was chipped Got something similar from amazon for much less money. So I thought because of price would be better quality Not the sturdiest item nor best quality. Makes me hesitate to buy more items from food 52
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 8/9/2019 Reviewed by: Rose R. Option: Veggie Chop Pro with Whipping & Nut Chopper Attachment

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