A bright idea.

Combine all the rustic charm of an old-school mountaineer’s lantern with the easy convenience of an LED string of lights, and what do you get? These Edison-esque beauties right here. They’re coming in two go-anywhere styles: a pendant that’ll shine bright wherever you hang it, and a string of three bulbs for three times the shine. Both come with a handy carabiner (or three) for no-fuss hanging. And to make sure you’re never left in the dark, both can keep on going without a plug using the optional portable USB charger. Use them to brighten up your patio, or take ‘em to your campsite along with the optional USB portable charger—either way, you can rest easy knowing these are water- and rust-resistant, to boot.

Wanna make sure your pendants or string lights keep on shining, even without electricity nearby? Don’t forget to snap ‘em up with the portable USB charger.