The clear winner, winner.

Chicken is the ultimate dinnertime winner—sautéed, fried, or nestled in a sheet pan. But what if you’ve seemingly run out of new ways to love it? That's where Food52 and Tyler Kord come in, bringing you a clever collection of deliciously inventive chicken dishes. Here, you'll find creative recipes for every occasion: winning weeknight dinners and ambitious-but-worth-it weekend projects; meals to impress guests and satisfy picky kids; and cozy comfort foods to curl up with.

Tyler's new classics will soon join your regular recipe lineup, with dishes like Roast Chicken with All of the Vegetables in Your CSA and Patrick’s Fried Chicken with Spicy Pickles. He throws in a few surprises, too, like Chicken & Kimchi Pierogies and Spicy Parmesan Chicken Potpie. And thanks to handy how-tos on carving, spatchcocking, making stock from scratch, and much more, you'll learn every chicken trick in the—well—book.