Your go-to kitchen companion, even better.

The Prepdeck came, saw, and conquered all our meal prep stresses with its built-in cutting board, handy measuring containers, and gadgets galore (we’re talking a grater, zester, garlic crusher, juicer, peeler, and more, all in one compact system). Now, this upgraded version is taking everything you love about the original and adding a slew of accessories you’ll be reaching for again and again.

On top of all the bells and whistles that Prepdeck comes with, Prepdeck+ includes a bonus cutting board, two additional large containers with lids, an XL container set, and—get this—an attachable mobile device stand. With this easy-to-clean, do-it-all dynamo sitting on the kitchen counter, you can consider the mealtime mess managed.

Prepdeck Prep System includes:
* Cutting Board Fold Out
* 15 Food Containers with Measurement Markings: 5 Large. 2 Medium, 2 Small, 6 Mini
* Accessories: Grater, Zester, Juicer, Garlic Crusher, Peeler, Julienne Peeler, Green Stripper, Bottle Opener
* Trash & Storage Drawer

Prepdeck+ offers 3 additional containers, a device stand, and an additional cutting board.