The best-selling wooden spoons you helped design have a few new moves in platinum-grade, BPA-free silicone. Strong yet flexible with a longer handle for extra reach, they’ll be front and center in your baking rotation, then tackle any other mixing, stirring, and flipping on the agenda. Each design stands up to high heat and cleans up easily in the dishwasher. And those colors: a little arm candy that goes a long, long way.

Your trustiest kitchen tool is now five, each with its own area of expertise:
* The Mix Master: Your essential for cake-batter stirring, risotto creaminess-enhancing, you name it. Great for serving, too.
* The 2-in-1: A multi-talented spoon with one side for mixing and stirring, plus a mini for taste-tasting and impromptu measuring (it doles out a tablespoon-ish).
* The Big Dipper: A slotted design for everything from separating eggs to air-lifting olives out of their brine.
* The Scrape & Go Spatula: This classic shape will traffic-control batter into muffin tins, reach the last smear of peanut butter in the jar, and free cookie dough from the beaters on your mixer.
* The Flip & Slide: A pliable helper that can flip the most delicate fish filets (ever so gently now), or fold a soft, melty omelette (next stop: your plate).