Everywhere you grow.

Short on sunshine? Not to worry. This duo will have your plants sprouting up happily anywhere in your home (yes, even that gloomy corner in the living room). First up: the lamp. It’s a full-spectrum LED that gives off a natural white light and nurtures kitchen herbs and houseplants alike—oh, and brightens up your space while it’s at it. There’s even a built-in timer and settings ranging from low to full light, so it can mimic sunrise and sunset all on its own. It’s really going places, too, since it comes with mounting hardware for just about any nook (hook-and-loop fastener, hanging cord, your pick).

Now, let’s talk about the smarty-pants hydroplanter. It’s got a special system that sends water and nutrients straight to your sprouts’ roots, without the need for soil. Plus, it runs on a pre-programmed timer, so it’ll save precious H2O.

Snag both of these wonders, then pair ‘em up with the handy-dandy app, and your plant pals will be pretty much unstoppable.