Sauté of the day.

Forget what you thought you knew about sauté pans. This innovative, toxin-free number is built from titanium-bonded stainless steel, so it’s four times stronger than your typical steel pan (yep, you read that right). It’s got a scratch-resistant surface that’s tough enough even for your metal utensils, and it just so happens to be made in Italy, too. Oh, and you bet it’s a pro at distributing heat: It’s made for better sautéing, frying, simmering, you name it, and it’ll even withstand temps up to 1,050°F. And in case you’re wondering—this one’s induction-friendly, oven-safe...even ready to cook up a storm on the grill.

Pick whichever size you prefer—3.5 quarts, or 5 quarts with a helper handle. And when you’re done cooking up a storm? This one’s a snap to clean, since it has flush rivets at the handles. (It’ll even zip through the dishwasher, no problem.)
This gem comes with a bottle of pro-level stainless steel cleaner—just to help you maintain that eye-catching shine.