Your Guide to Hestan Cookware

Photo by Mj Kroeger

Ask the world’s top chefs about their dream cookware, then have Italian artisans handcraft it with painstaking attention to detail, and you get: Hestan cookware. This is the stuff we turn to again and again in our Test Kitchen, and no wonder. Every pot and pan starts with top-quality materials (like titanium-infused stainless steel) and then adds thoughtful details (like easy-cleaning rivets) that chefs and beginners alike will appreciate.


You want a pan that won’t pop in the oven, and that’s where this collection steps in. A warp-resistant design gives every piece a flat and even surface for a lifetime of baking and roasting. And because quick, even heat is top priority here: It’s all made of triple-bonded stainless steel with a lightning-fast aluminum core. Your cakes and roasts never tasted so good.

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TITUM® Nonstick

This is the nonstick cookware we use in our own Test Kitchen, and we won’t go back to anything else. Built from quick-heating tri-ply stainless steel, it has a triple-layer nonstick surface that’s reinforced with diamonds. The result? A PFAS-free pan that stays slicker for much longer than traditional Teflon and ceramic coated cookware. Says our Director of Merchandising: “Food literally dances on the surface of this.”

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Think of NanoBond as the crème de la crème of cookware. It’s fully clad stainless steel like you’ve never seen it, infused with titanium for a surface that’s four times harder than typical stainless steel. (This makes it virtually nonstick, with an ultra-smooth and nonporous surface that cleans up like you wouldn’t believe.) Metal utensils are absolutely welcome here, as is cooking over an open flame. Want to send it through the dishwasher? You can do that too.

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If quality and value had a baby, they would name that baby ProBond. This cookware’s built from fully clad tri-ply stainless steel with an aluminum core, making it 35% more conductive than other clad cookware. (That means quicker heating.) You also get 30% more surface area for caramelizing onions and searing steak. Flared rims offer drip-free pouring, while flush rivets prevent food buildup. The stay-shiny brushed finish is just the cherry on top.

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Induction-friendly copper cookware is hard to come by, but not to worry: We found it. CopperBond has a five-layer build that takes the versatility of stainless steel, then calls in copper for heat conduction like none other. So whether you’re simmering sauce or whipping up a batch of caramel, you have total control of the temperature.

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Thomas Keller Insignia

Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Keller designed this quick-heating cookware for use in his own kitchens, and you can tell. It’s filled with thoughtful details that solve for the common pain points he saw at the stove. Think: wider bases for more cooking surface area, stay-cool handles, flared rims for no-drip pouring, and flush rivets for easy cleaning.

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