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• The Tabletop Fireplace is not to be used with any other fuels, such as bio ethanol
• Refueling:Always wait 15 minutes between refueling and ensure previous fire is snuffed out before doing so.
• Isopropyl alcohol has a full-combustion when burned, and soot is only created when there is a lack of oxygen. If you have an air-exchanger in your home or in any way, a "tight" home, assure a window is open
• Always double-check that the word, "isopropyl" is on the bottle. "Rubbing alcohol" can actually be different from, "isopropyl rubbing alcohol" in that it can contain camphor oil or other oils, which can leave undesirable soot
• Do not attempt to blow it out, just snuff it! We recommend using a stone drink coaster; set it on top of the unit for a few seconds and the flame will be deprived of oxygen. • Recommended for use in ventilated area, larger than 300 square feet.