Full steam ahead.

Wrinkles? What wrinkles? This Swedish-designed steamer tackles creases faster than fast. But that’s not its only superpower. It’s also a champ at giving clothes a good refresh, so you won’t have to wash ‘em as often—aka, those black jeans will look and feel brand-new for so much longer. Oh, and since we’re running the washer less, things are looking a little eco-friendlier, too. A few more reasons it’s our new laundry hero...

  • Lightning fast: This wonder heats up in 25 seconds, so it’ll be working its magic in no time.
  • Keeps the steam coming: It’s got a tank that holds 90 mL of water (that’s enough for 6 to 8 minutes of nonstop steaming).
  • Silk & cashmere friendly: Have pieces that you’d rather not iron? They’ll get along just fine with this gem.
  • Bye-bye, odors: It’s great for banishing bacteria and dust—oh, and dirt stains, too.
  • Not just for clothes: Curtains, bedding, pillows...it’s going places no iron has gone before.
  • Travel ready: Wanna take your steamer to-go? We don’t blame you. Grab the heat-protection bag that comes with it, and you’re golden.