Loaf partners.

Talk about a bread baker’s dream team. This duo is here to lend a hand with all your loaves. There’s a cover that’ll pop right over any bowl up to 16 inches, perfect for when it’s time to let the dough rise (it’ll let you say “see ya” to plastic wrap, too). Plus, it’s coming with a 12x16-inch drawstring bag that’s plenty roomy for your boules, brioches, and ciabattas.

Now, wait till you hear what it’s all made from. You’re looking at a chambray linen blend that hops happily into the washer when it needs a little TLC. Oh, and bonus: That fabric just so happens to get softer with love and time (cue the rustic kitchen vibes). Pick from grey or stripes, then go ahead and grab some flour—we’ve got more than a few bread recipes to help you get things rolling.