What can't it do?

Buckle up—we have lots to tell you about this workhorse. Made in Japan, it’s a three-dimensional induction cooker fitted with an enameled cast-iron pot that sits right inside. Its many, many talents could fill a whole book, but we did our best to be brief.

Extra precise: The induction base gives you top-notch temperature control along with A+ heat distribution, so no second guessing or double checking here.

Locks in the flavor: The cast-iron pot and lid are tailor-made for each other, creating an ultra-tight seal that keeps flavors and moisture in.

Sears, sautés & so much more: It’ll give you a picture-perfect brown for all your sears and sautés. And that’s not all—it can slow-cook, braise, stew, steam, and roast with the best of ‘em. (Did we mention it’s a fluffy rice pro? You bet it is.)

Proofs & bakes bread: Let it proof your dough to perfection, then move the pot to the oven when it’s time to get baking.

A musui master: Another trick up its sleeve? Musui, a “waterless” cooking technique that lets ingredients—rather than extra water or spices—do all the work. (You can thank the seal-tight pot and lid for that.)

Oh, the options: Snag the induction base and cast-iron pot together, or snap up the pot all on its own. To up your game even more: Add the magnetic trivet that attaches itself to the bottom of the pot, no hands required.