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A question about a recipe: Dr. Zhivago Borscht


I have a question about the ingredient "whole juniper berries (optional)" on the recipe "Dr. Zhivago Borscht" from Naked Beet. where can I find juniper berries?

asked by jill47 over 2 years ago
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added over 2 years ago

Penzey's--I just had this dilemma. :)

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Just spotted some at the Organic section at Wegman's Grocery store today. they retail for about 3.49 for about 1/4 cup.

added over 2 years ago

Don't know what part of the country you are. Here in the NW Whole Foods and most national grocery chains carry them. You can borrow some from me - I have a jar in my pantry!

added over 2 years ago

I get mine from a local Health Food store that sells bulk spices. In fact I buy all my spices there, cheep.
You have to bag and label them yourself for check out, but I can refill almost all my common spices for 8-9 bucks.
Including Juniper Berries.


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This is an easy one. You can find juniper berries in jars in the spice aisle of just about every large grocery chain in the country. I use them all the time, most often lightly crushed.

added over 2 years ago

Another thought...if you can't find them or need them in a pinch. A shot of gin makes a somewhat decent substitution depending on the dish.

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They are a dried spice in bottles. Here in New York, they are as everyone has said, in the spice aisle. In NY, Fairway has them. I'm sure Whole Foods too.

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Yes, as everyone has mentioned, a grocery store with a great spice selection would have them (i.e. Whole Foods, Wegman's, a natural food store) and an Italian or European specialty market should carry them, too. Here's another online source for anyone else still looking: http://www.thespicehouse...