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I'm making a tuna dish with a ginger shitake cream sauce from epicurious..what sides should I pair with this so I don't have battling favors?

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Chef KC added over 2 years ago

I think it would be really nice to do a really simple fried rice with it, or you could do a light vegetable slaw on the side, but cut them on a mandolin to give them a new look.

Cindy C. added over 2 years ago

A green papaya slaw would add a brightness and tartness that would complement the cream sauce nicely.

Slow Cooked Pittsburgh added over 2 years ago

I'm with the above answers, my first thought was very simple stir fry veggies, cut into matchsticks, thinking zuchhini and red pepper, mostly something to add a bit of color, even colorful veggies mixed into the fried rice. Wow, this is making me hungry.

lorigoldsby added over 2 years ago


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