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Can I make apple crumble the night before? If so, do I cook it a day ahead & re-heat, or assemble and cook day of? (Will crumble get soggy?)

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HalfPint added about 2 years ago

Depends on the recipe. I would go with a recipe that used rolled oats and ground nuts as opposed to one with just flour. I find that the one with mostly flour get soggy very easily.

Hillary Quinn added about 2 years ago

Thanks...unfortunately, the recipe is classic flour (and one guest has nut allergies). I may have to just prep everything, store separately, and bake it tomorrow.

HalfPint added about 2 years ago

then add just the rolled oats.

ATG117 added about 2 years ago

I think you'd be fine if you baked it in advance. The part of the crumble that touched the fruit will absorb some of the liquid, but the top will still remain crumbly. I'd probably use more crumb than usual to buffer against the bottom layer that gets wet (but I actually like the fruit soaked crumb). Crumbles are forgiving and always tasty in my opinion.

Hillary Quinn added about 2 years ago

Good idea! thank you....

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