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Urgent! Drunken figs

I'm finished with the recipe but was surprised that the figs have a crunch to them from the seeds. I thought the seeds would soften during the soaking and cooking process but this didn't happen. Are the seeds supposed to be crunchy? I don't know if I should serve this dish.

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added over 1 year ago
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If the figs have a good flavor and you're planning to serve them with the sauce, then I would go ahead and use them and not worry about the crunchy seeds. Sometimes the seeds do stay crunchy. Usually macerating them overnight softens them.

Ophelia added over 1 year ago

All my mum's fig jam has crunchy seeds and she boils the heck out of it, so did the commercial fig preserves I was given for Christmas. I'm thinking it might be the breed of fig. There's no reason not to serve it though unless it's unpleasantly tough.

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