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Tried and true cheddar scone?

I have both buttermilk and cream, but I have never made a cheese scone before. If stuck I will use my old fav and just mix in grated cheese? I decided to do this and bacon scones from the site for my party instead of moldy ham biscuits, ha.

asked by nutcakes about 3 years ago
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Meg is a trusted home cook.

added about 3 years ago

Not exactly a cheddar scone, but Elizabeth David's "Parmesan Biscuits" from Salts, Spices and Aromatics in the English Kitchen is a staple recipe in our household. Link here: http://www.acanthus-books...

added about 3 years ago

Appreciate it but I found one with cheddar and Parm and it worked out great. I'd like to try these biscuits too. My roommate is allergic to eggs though, so it might be awhile.