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Tried and true cheddar scone?

I have both buttermilk and cream, but I have never made a cheese scone before. If stuck I will use my old fav and just mix in grated cheese? I decided to do this and bacon scones from the site for my party instead of moldy ham biscuits, ha.

asked by nutcakes over 3 years ago
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added over 3 years ago

If you have a "tried and true" recipe, use it. I have one that I modify all the time. If making a fruit/sweet scone, I add a bit of sugar or honey to the mix with the fruit. If I'm making a savoury scone, I add spices in with the dry ingredients. Bacon, onion, cheese all make great additions...I put in a bit of bacon drippings as well to bump up the flavour (add with the shortening), but I strain them. I've made curried scones, cardamon scones, etc...