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Iceberg lettuce

Six heads of iceberg lettuce... No idea how that happened any suggestions other than salad?

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added about 1 year ago

Use the lettuce leaves as wraps. Fill with julienned peppers, carrots and shredded cheese. Roll shut and serve with a dipping sauce

bigpan added about 1 year ago

Use leaves for tacos instead of taco shells. Or, chinese lettuce wraps - mu shu pork with hoisin sauce.

HalfPint added about 1 year ago

I like to stir fry it with some bacon. I have a recipe listed on this site. Cooked lettuce is actually pretty good.

sexyLAMBCHOPx added about 1 year ago
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Kukla has this recipe on the site that is delicious! I grew up with a variation of this and love it on sandwiches or anything that needs a little something - like plain chicken. http://food52.com/recipes... I've also heard of lettuce soup but don't have a recipe.

inpatskitchen added about 1 year ago

This is a great way to use up extra lettuce. I haven't tried it with iceberg but I think it would work!

Sam1148 added about 1 year ago

Juice it, or put in a food processor with a bit of water and lemon juice...and pulverize and strain. Freeze that and make a sorbet/Granite. Serve in a martini glass with some balsamic vinegar

dymnyno added about 1 year ago

Don't be in too much of a hurry. Iceberg keeps for quite a while.

Diana B added about 1 year ago

Lettuce soup - the internet is awash in recipes for it!

Bek added about 1 year ago

Def look for a recipe for lettuce wraps/lettuce rolls- eggrolls. If you like pork,shrimp, veggie, etc. you will find one that fits perfectly to suit your taste. I sometime combine shrimp with ground pork. It's a great combo. This is much healthier when used with a lettuce roll.

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