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Tart cherries in San Diego

I'm looking for a source in San Diego County for fresh or frozen tart cherries. Anyone?

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pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added 11 months ago

Cherry season hasn't yet begun in California but we are getting close. Depending on how you plan to use them you look for Italian amareno cherries jarred. You might find them in an Italian specialty shop or a good gourmet store.

Kristen W. added 11 months ago

I live in San Diego and can't remember running across them, but I wonder if you called someplace like Elizabethan Desserts in Encinitas if they might have some idea. Jimbo's also comes to mind as a potential source.

SeaJambon added 11 months ago

TJ's has dried. Fresh - see Pierino. Frozen -- maybe try the internet? You might stumble on a local provider, but you may find what you need isn't local (and also a good way to find canned).

Zensister added 11 months ago

Thanks! I haven't tried Jimbo's yet. If I can special order frozen from anyone, it would probably be them. I'm having my annual pipe dream about making jam with what seems to the only fruit I can't find here.

Fred B added 11 months ago

I just bought 6#s of tart cherries for a kriek beer TODAY at North Park Produce in El Cajon. It's .99/# in 2# bags. Be warned..after the first 2 bags, the price doubles! A nice Caldean lady behind me offered to sponsor my extra bag and it was back down to .99/#. Anyway, it's a popular item. Good luck!


pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added 11 months ago

Good news, Fred B! As the weather heats up in the Central Valley we should begin seeing fresh cherries.

KellyC added 11 months ago

Frozencherries The blossoms are looking good so get ready for some fresh cherries. The Traverse Bay Farms area is really looking for some fresh tart cherry and cherry juice. The TJ's cherries are imported from China and other parts of the world. Buy local from Cali or Michigan.

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