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Just noticed forgotten vanilla beans in my cabinet (cool, dark, dry); estimate they've been there approx. 2 years. Are they still good?

Will use them for making almond milk, which means I'll throw a whole one into the Vitamix along with the almonds and water. I read that I should watch out for mildew/mold. I can't seem to locate any. Anyone advice offered would be appreciated!

asked by narmer about 1 year ago
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For your purpose they should be fine although some flavor will have evaporated along with the moisture. Next time store them in glass in a cool dark place (but not under refrigeration). I have some enormous glass test tubes with screw tops that work perfectly for me. Smaller beans can be stored in glass cigar tubes or a clean pickle jar.


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added about 1 year ago

Yes, as long as there is no obvious sign of mold, they should be just fine. If they seem a bit on the dry side, you might want to hydrate however many you plan to use by rolling them in a damp paper towel and letting them sit overnight at room temp.

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kircon, cccasady and narmer are "drone" dud accounts. Beware wasting your time members on answering these dud questions. What is happening to Food 52?

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Why do you think this a a"dud" question asked by a "drone" account? Seems to be a perfectly reasonable question to ask. And the answers were right on.


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and if they aren't as fresh as you'd like, you can still use them to make vanilla sugar. simply mix with sugar, pour into a clean jar, cap tightly and store.


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I once brought a whole lot of vanilla home from Madagascar, and it was about five years later that we used it up in just the sorts of ways you're thinking. My husband liked to grate the whole dried beans onto shakes and smoothies. They weren't prime, but they were still delicious.

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Have you considered making your own vanilla extract? Same principle as above except with vodka or clear rum.