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I'm making a recipe that calls only for egg yolks (about 9 to be exact). What's the yummiest thing to make with all the leftover egg whites?

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mjk added 8 months ago

I like to add a couple of whole eggs. some onion green pepper, potato and make a frittata.

HalfPint added 8 months ago

You can freeze for later use. You can make a pavlova, meringue cookies, marshmallows, French nougat, eggwhite quiche, egg white omelet, angel food cake. My favorite is the pavlov, topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

HalfPint added 8 months ago

The angel food cake will probably use up all 9 whites. A chocolate angel food cake is sublime. Rose Levy Beranbaum (The Cake Bible) has a great recipe and I think it uses about 9-10 whites for her Chocolate Angel Food Cake.

cristinasciarra added 8 months ago

I concur with all HalfPint mentioned above. I also like to make these meringues in particular: http://food52.com/recipes....

David added 8 months ago

Chocolate Mousse

magpiebaker added 8 months ago

David Lebovitz's coconut macaroons (http://www.davidlebovitz...) are a go-to recipe when I need to use up egg whites. I also use 1-2 whites to create clusters when baking up a batch of granola (4 cups oats + 2 cups mix of sweetener, coconut oil, ground flaxseeds, and nuts). They freeze well, as other people have said; I also make macarons with leftover egg whites.


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added 8 months ago

YES! His macaroons are the bomb!

Undeniably Rachael added 8 months ago

Thank you so much!!!!

Pinch&Swirl added 8 months ago

Homemadevanillabeanmarshmallows Homemade marshmallows of course! :)

Emmy Loop added 8 months ago

Mousse and freeze or swiss meringue (meringue made in a bowl over simmering water) and freeze. Texture like you've never had before.


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added 8 months ago


chava added 8 months ago

Slip one or two into scrambled eggs or omelettes: it does change the texture, but in a pleasant way. Also, they freeze perfectly, so store them up for an angel food cake.

SeaJambon added 8 months ago

This question comes up regularly on the hotline. Try searching the hotline for "egg whites"...

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