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bitter roasted radish

I roasted radishes a couple nights ago (with olive oil, salt & fresh rosemary), but they came out pretty bitter. Looking for suggestions on what to counteract the bitterness with. Maybe a creamy dressing of some sort? I also have some pretty sharp arugula that I need to use, so ideally I'd make something with the both of them...

asked by Bec42 about 2 years ago
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added about 2 years ago

Did you add lemon juice or vinegar ? That should balance out the bitterness.

added 25 days ago

Add lemon juice. Equal parts olive oil and lemon juice is a traditional southern Italian salad dressing. Perfect for the radishes and arugula! You can also add a little fresh basil to sweeten up the radishes.

added 24 days ago

Depending on how bitter the radishes are, perhaps you should pitch them out. Bitter flavors are often poisonous. Do you know if they were grown in a region that is having a drought? About a month ago, an elderly couple in southern Germany, which has been very dry this summer, poisoned themselves on zucchini they grew in their garden. Naturally-occuring toxins concentrated in the zucchini, which tasted bitter.The woman, who didn't eat too much of the zucchini, recovered; her husband died.

I had a bitter cantaloupe about a week ago and threw it out immediately.

added 24 days ago

Sorry, I should not have replied to this--I did not notice that it was two years old!