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Quince mead ideas?

My little quince tree only grew two fruit this year. It's not really enough to do any of my regular recipes with, so I thought I would try making a flavoured mead with them (Wild Fermentation style). Any ideas for herbs or spices that would taste good with the quince?

It's my first year making mead, but I'm already brewing a pear and rosemary batch, and a regular honey and water batch, but would like to try something exotic with the quince.

asked by trampledbygeese about 1 year ago
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added about 1 year ago

Quince is in the apple, pear family so my first thoughts would be the cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice family.

added 12 months ago

What are your thoughts on quince with fresh ginger, cinnamon and pepper, something like a poudre dulce spice thing? Or would the flavours go weird while it's fermenting?

added 12 months ago

I think they'd be fine. I didn't use pepper but I made a beer once with fresh ginger and cinnamon. I might use large pieces of ginger and whole cinnamon sticks and whole peppercorns (and careful with the can easily overpower)