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Cheesecake recommendations

I'd be very grateful for anyone's recommendations for cheesecakes for Thanksgiving dessert. Autumn-ish would be nice (pumpkin, bourbon, maple, etc.). It would be great to have some "tried and true" recommendations - something you've made before and liked. Thanks!
And there are many great tips on baking cheesecakes on this thread:

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Kukla added 6 months ago

Here is a very delicious and beautiful variation of a Cheesecake.http://food52.com/recipes...


Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added 6 months ago

I use my basic cheesecake recipe to make many variations. Here are some examples:


Pegeen added 6 months ago

Thank you, Kukla and Cynthia.
Kukla, that is a wonderful recipe. I left a comment there for you. Just thought of another question: would you describe it as very sweet? I haven't cooked much with Dulce de Lece much so am curious about the overall taste.
Cynthia, whatever cheesecake I make, I think I also have to make the Bailey's to accompany it. Sounds great.

Thanks everyone!

Pegeen added 6 months ago

Any other ideas? Thanks - much appreciated.


June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 6 months ago

I also use my basic recipe and embellish. But what makes my cheesecake irresistible is When it's all mixed, I turn the mixer on high and whip air into it. It makes the cheesecake lighter in mouthfeel. (Still just as heavenly rich and smooth)

Pegeen added 6 months ago

Thank you, June!

ZombieCupcake added 6 months ago

http://smittenkitchen.com... Ooom ooom oom...

Pegeen added 6 months ago

Thank you, Zombie! Reading now....

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