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How to make frozen yogurt

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witloof added 5 months ago

Do you have an ice cream maker? Use Fage Greek yogurt. Fat free is actually fine for this. Put in as much sugar as you like, flavor it with a little vanilla, and get the machine running. That's all you need!

Ana added 5 months ago

Thanks! I just bought an ice cream machine, will it turn out to have crystals or smth??

needfulthings added 5 months ago

No it won't have crystals but using full fat yogurt will give you a creamier result. If you drain the yogurt beforehand, that's even better. I made a really delicious frozen yogurt, layered with fruit purée that you could try out. You can skip the purée - even on its own this frozen yogurt is delicious: http://someneedfulthings...

amysarah added 5 months ago

I've made it with just Greek yogurt, vanilla and honey many times too (though used 2% or whole.) Really delicious and creamy, but best eaten soon after its made - left in freezer it gets very hard (can be softened again, but that original texture is best.)

Ana added 5 months ago

Thanks! I received my nostalgia ice cream machine today and will try it tonight!!! Fingers crossed!

Ana added 5 months ago

Thank you both so much, ive just tried it its spectacular! Much better than the ones in stores. I added organic sugar and powdwred sugar... Perfect!

witloof added 5 months ago

Really spoils you, doesn't it? glad it turned out so well.

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