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What can I make out of leftover prime rib

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jamcook added 4 months ago

Yummy sandwiches, lovely shepherds pie, virtuous cold beef salad.

Dave on the grill added 4 months ago

Sandwiches are a staple. Hot or cold in a crusty roll w/ horsey mayo. Or my favorite, black and blue salad w a nice balsamic vinegrette.

Laura added 4 months ago

Beef barley soup served with a rustic loaf.

lapadia added 4 months ago
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Prime Rib French Dip sandwiches!


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added 4 months ago

Lapadia took the words out of my mouth. It's the perfect use for leftover prime rib.

inpatskitchen added 4 months ago

We make roast beef hash with lots of black pepper.

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