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Shuna Lydon

Shuna is a pastry chef in New York City and author of the acclaimed blog Eggbeater.

added almost 2 years ago

Depending on the kind of rye flour you have, you could use 25 - 50% substitution of AP flour in cookies, scones, muffins, cakes, shortbread, quick-breads, etc. Rye flour comes in, usually, three different "grinds." The coarser flours tend to be for yeasted breads, and the finer ones for pastries. I am a big fan of using rye flour in a lot of my pastries - it adds a depth that wheat flour can not muster. Have fun experimenting!


Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added almost 2 years ago

And if you're craving a sandwich, start with a good bread: