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I'm making a meatloaf but out of eggs. What can I use as a binder.

asked by baystate over 4 years ago
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i have never made meatloaf, but when i make veggie burgers/loaves i use mashed potato and cornmeal.


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added over 4 years ago

You can try extra breadcrumbs or oatmeal...I've done both in the past when either out of eggs or don't have enough. A little grated parmesan is good depending on what type of loaf you're making.

added over 4 years ago

You can soak bread or breadcrumbs in milk or buttermilk, and squeeze out excess milk before you put breadcrums in. Have a friends who uses crackers and soaks them in ketchup or barbecue sauce to use as a binder. Depends on your recipe.


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added over 4 years ago

Use a packet of unflavored gelatin in 1/2 cup of stock. Along with some more bread crumbs or crushed crackers. And about a 1/2 cup of jack cheese---shredded fine and frozen and then crumbled in the mix.

This is good for meatloaf with egg too..but only a tsp of gelatin. Replaces the fat normally found in veal/beef/pork mixture when you make an all beef meatloaf.

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I was watching aartipaarti on the food network this morning, and she was making kebabs. She uses a bit of baking soda, noting it's used to bind chopped meat. II've never tried it, but it looks as though it works for her. Here's the recipe: