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Urgent! A question about a recipe: Green Beans with Apricots and Serrano Ham

I have a question about step 1 on the recipe "Green Beans with Apricots and Serrano Ham" from amanda. It says:

"Bring a large pot of generously salted water to a boil. Meanwhile, place the apricots in a bowl and pour over the sherry and ½ cup boiling water (yes, you can take it from the pot of boiling water!). Let the apricots sit and plump while you prepare the rest of the ingredients."

Should I still add the boiling water if the apricots are fresh? Or just the sherry?

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Sam1148 added over 2 years ago

When I made this with fresh apricots, I just added the sherry--just a bit.

The boiling water is only for re-hydrating the dried product. I didn't add any more salt to the apricots.

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