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how long can you leave raw steak in the fridge before it goes bad?

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buttafliez0325 added over 2 years ago

please let me kno ur thoughts bcuz my boyfriend is hungry and he's looking at me like where's dinner but i dont think i should cook it bcuz its been in the fridge raw!


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added over 2 years ago

about 4 days.

someonewhobakes added over 2 years ago

also, the package will usually say something to the effect of "use or freeze by:" and a date. if you're before that date, i would say you're most likely good, but by all means, look at it, smell it, poke at it, if anything looks or smells or feels funky, throw it out!

juliachildslovechild added over 2 years ago

3-4 days.

usuba dashi added over 2 years ago

If in a paper wrap package, there is nothing better than your nose to tell you if something has gone bad . . . so give it a whiff. If it is in a vacuum packaging, it should have a shelf life of 28 days from the day it was cut and packaged. Meat in vacuum packaging will have a methane smell to it when first opened, this is normal. It will blow off in a few minutes and the color of the steak will bloom was it hits air.

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