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Mixer? Blender? Wire whisk? What is the best way to get the highest, puffed Popovers?
I have a good recipe, have everything at room temp but sometes they don't quite make the grade.

asked by Westy almost 4 years ago
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added almost 4 years ago

Does your recipe call for the egg whites to whipped separately? If so I would use a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, or a hand mixer, set on high until stiff peaks form. Then fold the batter in with a spatula using as few motions as possible.

added almost 4 years ago

The recipe doesn't call for egg whites just;
1C flour
1C milk
2 eggs
1T. Melted butter

added almost 4 years ago

I use a blender for my Dutch Baby recipe -- essentially a giant popover (see Food 52's current home page) -- and they always rise beautifully high. What have you been using when you've gotten less than great results?

added almost 4 years ago

I've also used a blender with good results.

added almost 4 years ago

I vote for blender. It does the best job at incorporating everything, even a little air into the mixture.

added almost 4 years ago

I also vote for blender - it does a great job of mixing all ingredients.

added almost 4 years ago

I just use a whisk. I've always thought using a blender might produce better results, but I'm admittedly too lazy.

added almost 4 years ago

I think the real secret is to have your pan blazing hot when you pour in the batter. Just preheat it when you preheat the oven, put your batter in a large measuring cup or a small pitcher, and pour the batter in carefully. They'll puff like crazy that way.

added almost 4 years ago

I got all ingredients to 70 degrees mixed in blender for about 1 min.
Using my antique cast iron popover pam preheated to 450
I baked them for 15 mins. Then lowered oven to 350 for about 18 mins.
The result was Popovers just under 5" high!
I think the secret is having everything at room temperature. I want to attach photo but can't figure out how.

added almost 4 years ago

Here is my final result (uploaded from my computerP


added almost 4 years ago

Thank you Albra. That's what I did. The picture says it all.
Thanks to everyone that responded. Now, feel free to send me all of your good fillings for popovers and other uses ie: Ice Cream Sundaes