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A question about a recipe: Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies


I have a question about the ingredient "instant espresso powder (like Medaglia D'Oro, or similar)" on the recipe "Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies" from KelseyTheNaptimeChef.
So, I don't have any espresso powder in the house. We've got Folgers instant coffee, as well as good high-quality espresso beans. Should I grind the beans really fine and then put them in, grind up the instant coffee a little finer, or pour in some liquid espresso, and if so, how much of each should I put?

asked by nka2 over 4 years ago
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added over 4 years ago

I use Folger's in Ina Garten's chocolate recipes all the time - I've done espresso as well, and not noticed a difference. Its really just to bring that certain j'ne sais quoi to the chocolate flavor :)


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added over 4 years ago

I can't speak for the question. But just a flashblack for 'instant coffee'. My grandmother would serve ice cream to us with "sanka" instant coffee on top (caffeine free)..and put in a bit of coca cola in the bowl.
This is the only reason I keep instant coffee in my house.


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added over 4 years ago

We used to have sanka on top of ice cream too. No coca cola with it though.

added over 4 years ago

I've often run across the need for that particular coffee grind for baking, and never can find it. So I grabbed a jar of it last time i spotted it and haven't used it once at all. In the past I have just used some very strong brewed coffee as part of the liquid, but in this cookie, that is a LOT of powdered expresso. Yuck to Folgers instant, and yuck to gritty granules of your good beans in a cookie. Maybe you don't want this answer but make something else.


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added over 4 years ago

Funny, nutcakes, I keep a jar of the medaglia d'oro instant espresso in my freezer for such occasions, and I was thinking that to my taste the Folger's might not cut it also. And it's really a coffee flavored cookie, not a chocolate cookie in which a little bit of coffee enhances the chocolate flavor. So I'm semi-retracting my first answer because I kind of agree with you, except that one person's yuck is another's yum, so nka2, if you really like Folger's instant coffee's taste, go for it.