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For the turkey brine you recommend smoked paprika and orange zest to be added in with the salt mixture, approx. how much paprika and orange?

asked by D'Lacie over 3 years ago
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Kristen Miglore

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added over 3 years ago

Hi D'Lacie -- sorry we missed this question! Here's Russ Parsons' original recipe: it calls for 2 tsp. orange zest & a tablespoon of smoked paprika, along with a few other spices, for 1/4 cup of kosher salt:

added over 3 years ago

I used paprika and orange with my turkey and it turned out wonderful for a 10lb turkey with 2Tbls salt, 2 tsp smoked paprika, and 1 tsp orange zest. Very lightly flavored, but there nonetheless.