The Best Ways to Prep Corn

April 15, 2014

Today: Treat your sweet corn right -- here’s how to prep our favorite warm-weather vegetable, all season long.

This article is brought to by our friends at Sunshine Sweet Corn. We used their fresh spring corn from Florida, which comes into season in April.

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Think of sweet corn as your endlessly accommodating, warm-weather friend. It longs to do what you want -- whether you’re craving salad or chowder or ice cream. If you like, it'll get all dressed up with clams, but it’s equally happy on the cob, with just a pat of butter and a sprinkle of salt. In return, corn asks only one thing of you: prep it right. 

We’ve spent many a messy hour readying those unassuming ears. Our kitchens have become minefields of flying kernels and renegade cobs. But this spring, we’re doing things a little differently. With a few kitchen hacks, our Assistant Editor Marian and Community Manager Catherine show us how to easily take corn from the husk to the table. Grab a knife and a bundt pan -- here’s how to shuck, boil, and roast your corn all season long. 

This article was brought to you by Sunshine Sweet Corn.


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NotTooSweet July 16, 2014
Getting ready to make the Bacon and Corn Pie from this site tomorrow and the shucking and kernel removing tips are MOST appreciated! I'm sure it will be much easier than my traditional methods and less messy too. Thanks!
Libbi June 8, 2014
LOVE this corn risotto idea - will be trying it this week & adding fresh spring peas ... if I can still find them!
CookOnTheFly April 15, 2014
The key to ANY sweet corn is to soak it in water prior to grilling, preferably with a tablespoon of sugar to bring out the sweetness. If you are boiling your corn, rather than grilling it, sugar is TANTAMOUNT to a proper pot of corn. I grew up in Minnesota, and this is how all of my aunties, great-aunties, grandmother and friends did their corn. Do NOT add salt to the water, its disastrous.
Lindini July 27, 2014
Ahhh...finally someone who cooks corn the RIGHT way! Sugar is the key, even a good pouring of cow's milk but definitely NO on the salt.
My method for the best corn is to cover corn in a large pot with cold water. add about 2 heaping TBL sugar and a big splash of milk. Without covering bring pot of liquid to a boil, turn off heat and corn is done.
nievesrichardj April 15, 2014
A Bunt pan! It's so genius, I would have never thought to use one for getting kernels off the cob. Thanks for the tips!