The New Englandah Burgah

July 30, 2010

See A&M brave a fiery grill to make The New Englandah Burgah by Chef Jason, with delicious results.

This week's videos were shot and edited by talented filmmaker Elena Parker.

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Join The Sandwich Universe co-hosts (and longtime BFFs) Molly Baz and Declan Bond as they dive deep into beloved, iconic sandwiches.

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david_brownless November 21, 2010
thats a real burger ,will try those soon
lacerise August 2, 2010
adorable AND yummy!
Rhonda35 July 31, 2010
"Burgahs" look awesome, Merrill is hysterical with her New England accent, Amanda needs proper grilling tools for her birthday and, most importantly, WHERE did you get that fabulous, fabulous, FABULOUS necklace, A???
Amanda H. July 31, 2010
Thanks! Got it at a kid's store in Dumbo, called Pomme. It's made of wood beads and fabric ribbon. And yes, Merrill's years of living in Boston are now paying off in our videos!
Kelsey B. July 30, 2010
Excellent pronunciation of Cheddah, you'd fit right in in Boston!