Kentucky Derby

11 Recipes for Derby Day

April 25, 2014

With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner, we've got bourbon and heavy duty snacks on the brain -- anything that can sustain us for a full day of bets and wide-brimmed hats. The race itself may only last a few minutes, but you'll work up an appetite cheering, and plus -- these treats are worth sticking around for.

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Brandade Croquettes by lastnightsdinner

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Homemade Alcoholic Ginger Beer by Catherine Lamb


Michael Ruhlman's Rosemary-Brined, Buttermilk Fried Chicken by Genius Recipes


Spicy Shrimp by Helen 


Parker & Otis' Pimento Cheese (+ Grilled Sandwiches with Bacon and Tomato) by Genius Recipes


Mint Julep by Erik Lombardo 


Sugar Steak with Bourbon by Amanda Hesser 


Hot Dogs with Fake Sauerkraut Relish by QueenSashy


Cheese Biscuits by Merrill Stubbs 


c by Genius Recipes 


Kentucky Hot Toddy by Table9


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Marcella U. April 26, 2014
Where is the burgoo?
@SamuelMoore April 25, 2014
Or Derby Pie!
Britt S. April 25, 2014
Another classic!
@SamuelMoore April 28, 2014
What is wrong with me, I'm "trolling" an incredible food blog! Ha!
Britt S. April 25, 2014
I'd also love to see a recipe for the traditional Louisville Benedictine dip from Food52! My husband adores it, but we can't find it anywhere up here in NYC.
Amy H. April 30, 2014
Try the Wall Street Cheat Sheet. I think they had a recipe on there site yesterday.
Britt S. April 30, 2014
Thanks Amy! I'll check it out. I'm a little gunshy b/c I tried to make it 2 yrs ago with a recipe I found online, and it ended up more like cucumber soup than dip... but WSJ seems like a trustworthy source, so I'll give it a go. ;)
Britt S. April 30, 2014
Found it! Thank you!
Amy H. April 30, 2014
Glad you found it. Hope it works for you. Sorry about my choice of "there" for "their." Bad day!
Cheezgal April 25, 2014
I completely agree Sam. What is up with that?!?
@SamuelMoore April 25, 2014
No KY Hot Brown?