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Announcing our Partnership with MZ Wallace!

May 13, 2014

The idea of strolling through the farmers market wistfully, gently squeezing stone fruit and stuffing your canvas tote with every vegetable under the sun, can be misleading. The romance of it all keeps you from remembering that after you've bought all that produce, you have to lug it home, without bruising your tomatoes or yourself.

Arming yourself with the right bag often means the difference between a successful shopping spree and a grocery-related disaster. You want something sturdy and handsome, something that allows you to compartmentalize. So we've teamed up with the creative (and stylish) minds behind MZ Wallace to bring you just that: the perfect farmers market tote. 

After months of meeting, sketching, and making lists of all the pockets and doo-dads we wish our current bags had, we finally have a prototype -- we just need to decide on a color. And that's where you come in. 

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Food52 and MZ Wallace

Over the next week, you'll be able to vote for your preferred color over on MZ Wallace's site -- your options are forest green or navy blue. Maybe you want your bag to match your eyes; maybe you want it to complement your favorite vegetable.

Whichever color you prefer, make yourself heard -- we'll be sharing real-time data on which color is winning, so you can even start an office pool, if that's your thing. After the winning color is announced, we'll be sharing updates throughout the summer as our sketches become reality.

Now go vote! We can't wait to see which color comes out on top.

Photo provided by MZ Wallace

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jamcook August 4, 2014
$365.00 is getting into "goop" territory. Please food 52..don't do that.
Love this community too much than to see it go in that direction .
Lauren A. August 3, 2014
Looks like a great diaper bag, too! Double your investment.
Yvonne August 3, 2014
You must be kidding... $365??
Sally M. August 1, 2014
All 12 comments were posted 3 months ago. Not one commentator raises the question of whether ANY market bag is worth $300+. Suddenly I have a bad taste in my mouth. I love the recipes on Food52, but now I'm getting suspicious. Are you pulling our legs?
cucina D. May 17, 2014
I love both colors but for me the navy blue wins, a seasonless color that will showcase all the beautiful fresh food I buy all year long.
Gret May 14, 2014
Navy Blue!
Tammi N. May 13, 2014
Blue...or green. Both.
mariaraynal May 13, 2014
I'm all about the navy blue. How about a lunch bag for your next project?
Cococreate May 13, 2014
I like my small 2 wheeled pull behind with retractable puller & with a top HANDle for grabbing or over the arming it. It has air holes & I thought about making one with all terrain tires
mrslarkin May 13, 2014
Yay! Cute bag! I have an MZ Wallace wallet. The best!

Those colors, though. Yuck.
luvcookbooks May 14, 2014
I have to agree, Liz. I wish for a summery colored farmer's market tote.
sally May 13, 2014
Requirements: machine washable, foldable, handles long enough for slinging over a shoulder, and AFFORDABLE.
Valhalla May 13, 2014
Machine washable and fits in a pannier = winner.
ChefJune May 13, 2014
My, that tote would be great for so many things! The navy is nice, but being a "green girl," I'm loving it in forest green!
Liz B. May 13, 2014
I really hope the bag includes some kind of attached "cash pouch." This looks great, congrats on the partnership! - a clean eating bento blog. Japanese or Asian-inspired!
molly Y. May 13, 2014
this is so fun!!!!!!!