How to Roast Any Winter Squash

October 28, 2014

This article is brought to you by our friends at Electrolux as part of an ongoing series focusing on seasonal ingredients for the holidays. This month we're talking pumpkin and winter squash.

Today: From butternut to kabocha, here's how to roast whatever squash you picked up at the market -- and turn it into one of our favorite kale salads for fall. 

The sun is no longer around late into the night, and barbecues are a thing of the past; it is officially squash's time to shine. One of our favorite ways to prepare any winter squash -- from butternut to kabocha to delicata -- is to roast it simply, and toss it into a sturdy kale salad. Today, we're walking you through the process: just chop, seed, and season your squash, then slide it into a super-hot oven -- you'll be left with soft, sweet bites of fall's most versatile vegetable.

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We like to top our salad with dried cherries, toasted almonds, curls of Parmesan cheese, and rings of delicata squash; it's the sort of thing you could serve just as confidently at a dinner party -- followed up by generous slices of pie -- or on a Tuesday night, next to a big loaf of your favorite bread. 

This article was brought to you by Electrolux, who's all about great taste and the appliances to help you make beautiful meals in your own kitchen. Learn more here.

Video by Kyle Orosz

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Christine January 8, 2015
Lovely weekday/night salad. Any advice on the dressing?
Windtryst October 28, 2014
It is so pretty with the skin on, but I do not like to eat the skin...
Shonagh M. November 7, 2014
You should! Roasted it gets really soft! I just tried it the other day.